Potting Shed Blog

10 March 2017

Getting Started: Propagating into Spring

After choosing your vegetable and flower seeds that you are growing this year, you might require help with the germination from seed compost to the last pot before planting out in the garden. Read this post for our step-by-step guide on propagation. 

7 March 2017

Spruce Up Your Spud Savvy!

March and April are key times in the potato planting process so we've put together a simple overview so you can get up-to-speed on your growing journey so far

17 February 2017

Living the Green: Colour of the year

Achieve the look that is on trend this year: bring the outdoors, in, and refresh your home with nature's neutral. Inside this blog post, take a look at our key products and get some inspiration for your home.

15 February 2017

National Nest Box Week

Are the birds in your garden nesting comfortably? If not, this week is the ideal time to put that right, as it’s National Nest Box Week – your chance to give your feathered friends a des res to make them feel right at home in your back garden.