Grow Your Own: Pizza Garden!

22 August 2016


A pizza garden can be any size or shape (though it's fun to make it circular in shape with triangular slice-shaped sections for the different vegetables and herbs). Your pizza garden can be easily grown in containers in a sunny plot or terrace. If the plot is large, the 'slices' can be divided by narrow pathways so that you can reach the plants in the center, whereas in smaller pizza gardens, you can use bricks, stones, wood or mulch as dividers. If space is particularly limited, then a potted pizza herb garden can be created.

Make sure to loosen your soil to at least a foot in depth, mix in well-rotted manure or compost and a balanced organic fertiliser - all of which can be found here at Pugh's. If you are using containers, make sure they are big enough for the plants you plan to grow.

TOP TIP: Add granular slow-release fertiliser to the container mix, since frequent water drains nutrients quickly. 

Most pizza plants are sun-lovers and need around 5-8 hours of sunlight for best results.

Pugh's Top Pizza Garden Picks:
- Tomatoes                     - Basil
- Bell Peppers                 - Rocket
- Oregano                       - Parsley
- Garlic                           - Onions
- Chilli Peppers                - Rosemary
- Aubergine                    - Courgettes

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