It’s the perfect time to lay new lawns right now

29 March 2017


Our lawns are incredible oxygen making machines. Did you know that a 25 square foot area will supply enough oxygen to support one person for a whole day?! 

It’s the perfect time to lay new lawns right now as the soil starts to warm up and new grass bursts into growth. Whether you choose seed mix or turf, select a mix which is suitable for the site. Think about the amount of light reaching the area, and how much wear it is likely to get, as well as the look you want to achieve.

We've got all the specialist turf and seed grass mixes to suit your requirements here in the garden centre here, including lawn mixes for shady areas, hard-wearing mixes for family lawns, and fine grass mixes if you’re aiming for the bowling green look.

Our spot-light product at the moment is this Westland 'Gro-Sure' Smart Lawn Seed £14.99*
*Cheaper than B&Q and Wickes - 

This helps create a lush, green lawn and is ideal for over-seeding worn grass or patches. It contains a blend of durable seed varieties, perfect for family & pet use with Aqua Gel Technology. Aqua Gel soaks up to 400 times it's weight in water which is then gradually released to the seeds when needed. This reduces seed losses due to erratic watering and improves germination success & seedling establishment all season long!

The key to a luscious lawn:

Take your time over preparing the soil: the more thoroughly you do it, the more successful your lawn will be. Preparation is the same for turf and seed. Dig the whole area to a depth of 20-25cm, removing weeds, and add well-rotted manure or compost to improve the soil structure. Leave to settle for a few days while you pop into the garden centre and buy in your turf or seed.

Finally, tread the area down to firm the soil’s surface, then rake level several times in different directions. You’re now ready to lay your new lawn!