New Year, New Garden

15 January 2018


It’s a brand new year and there’s no more exciting time to be a gardener as you weigh up the possibilities: what to grow, what to change, what to keep the same… All of a sudden there’s so much to do it’s hard to know where to start – so here’s our three-point plan for getting your season off on the right foot.

Plan, plan, plan: This is a great activity for those days when the weather is just too bad to venture outdoors. Tuck yourself up by the fire and sketch out your ideas for areas of the garden you’d like to change. Then plan how to bring your dreams to life! If you do fancy venturing outdoors then a trip to the garden centre can always provide some inspiration!

Make lists: Don’t rely on your memory to tell you what you’ve decided – get it right by putting it down on paper. Bring your lists along to the garden centre, whether they’re veg seeds, perennials, trees and shrubs, hard landscaping or garden furniture: you’ll find just what you need and our friendly and helpful staff can always point you in the right direction! 

Send your garden into spring in good shape: Finish off clearing away last year’s spent plants, weed through and mulch with garden compost or well-rotted manure so your garden is fit and ready the moment the growing year starts. Then get ready for a very Happy New Year!