Prime Potato Planting Time!

2 August 2018


Our selection of Autumn Potatoes have arrived in store!

These Potatoes are perfect for planting right now in time for a Christmas crop! (Who knows, they might even end up featuring on your Christmas dinner!)

We have a number of varieties available including Duke of York, Maris Peer, Charlotte and Pentland Javelin, all of which offer something different, whether that's good disease resistance, super rich flavour, ideal for containers or superb strong flavour.

There are 9 tubers in each bag which cost £2.99 each.

We advise planting these in a tub so that they can be easily moved around November when the cold weather hits (not that we want to think about that right now!) We also sell growing bags which are suitable for balcony growing if your garden is short of space.

Pop in to browse our spuds and chat to our friendly staff about growing advice!