What a crate idea!

13 April 2016

As it's National Gardening Week, we want everybody to be able to get involved no matter what the size or location of your outdoor space!
So if you're in the mood for planting but are not sure you have much to work with, never fear as there is always garden inspiration waiting for you here!
If your outdoor space feels small on the floor, a simple change of perspective can achieve wall to wall beauty instead! There are dozens of new and innovative ways to take your plants skywards to cram even more colour, scent and spectacle into your garden and add a whole new dimension to your gardening life.
Why not make the most of things like trellis panels and build a vertical herb garden!? This vertical ‘pocket’ system is easy to attach to walls and fences and ideal for herbs and salads. Fill with bedding, strawberries, herbs or even peas and beans to tumble down the side for a pretty and productive feature that takes up hardly any room at all.
Crates are also a great way to get creative: you can flip them either which way to fit your space and paint them a striking colour before using them to home your plants or herbs. Shelving systems triple the number of containers you can squeeze in. Shelving with slatted wood allows water to drain through; if the shelves graduate from the broadest at the bottom to narrowest at the top they’ll also allow maximum sunshine to reach plants, as well as being very stable and more difficult to knock over. Bolting them firmly to the brickwork or fence also helps keep them safely in place.

Come and visit us and take a look for yourself at our garden inspiration area outside! And remember, the planting possibilities are endless!