25 February 2019

Restore Your Lawn for Spring!

We all love the look of a lush green lawn, but keeping it that way can be a headache. Follow our steps to help restore your lawn in time for spring so you can enjoy picnics, parties and family fun on a lawn you can be proud of! 

15 February 2019

February Big Plant Sale!

We're having our first ever February Big Plant Sale! We've got up to 70% off a range of selected plants which have been sourced from our very own plant nursery in Caerphilly.

6 February 2019

Your February Gardening To Do List!

The daylight is lasting that little bit longer each day and there’s nothing like a bit of gardening to make you feel that spring’s on its way, so grab your tools and get on out there!

29 January 2019

Create an Urban Jungle with Houseplants

We've got a brand new house plant display which is all about bringing the outdoors in and creating an on-trend Urban Jungle in your home 💚