1 September 2018

What to do in your garden in September?

The gardening year is turning to its last dazzling farewell display of autumn colour soon, so it’s time to shake yourself out of the torpor of late summer and get going again. There’s loads to do outside from gathering crops to putting the garden to bed for winter. Here’s your list of jobs for this month: 

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22 August 2018

New Season Planting: Fruit Trees Have Arrived!

It's time to plant again! If you want to enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally), then now is the time to plant fruit trees! Both of our outdoor areas are positively blooming with our vast range of Fruit Trees including apples, pears, plums, cherries and more. Read on for some top tips!

17 August 2018

Pugh's top Lawn Care Products to Revive Your Lawn!

Summer is a busy time for your lawns whilst they act as a pitch, picnic spot and playground. Now is the perfect time for lawn treatments to work as they have the time to take effect before temperatures fall in Autumn and growth stops.