30 October 2017

Latest news in Wenvoe

You may have noticed a few changes taking place at our Garden Centre in Wenvoe, so here's an update on what's going on, including some exciting new additions...

4 October 2017

Get your garden suited and booted for Autumn!

Wonderfully vibrant changes in colour, falling leaves, crisp air and glorious sunshine. This can only mean one thing, autumn has arrived! With a new season upon us it's time to get your garden suited and booted accordingly so we've put together a load of suggestions to help you out...

22 September 2017

Plant up Autumn Containers!

Plant up autumn containers now to fill your patio with colour and interest through until winter and beyond. Keep your pots looking great as the garden winds down and you’ll still feel as good about your displays once the frosts set in as you do now.

15 September 2017

Now in: Spring Flowering Bulbs!

A smattering of colour in the lawn is a welcome sight in spring, and many bulbs are quite happy to grow among the grass, seeding themselves freely into quite extensive colonies in time. Come in and choose from our large variety of pre-packed and loose bulbs.