Beat the January blues with these Gardening To-Do's!

15 January 2018


There’s nothing quite like January for wiping the slate. The start of the year brings the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time in your garden and get a kick-start on all the important jobs that your garden is craving. There's no time like the present!

Job of the week: Give tools some TLC

Your tools work hard for you all year – and they’ll continue to do so if you set time aside now to return them to tip-top condition. Sand down the shafts of forks, spades and rakes with fine-grade sandpaper, then rub furniture oil into the wood. Sharpen blades with a whetstone before storing in a dry shed, ready to go as you need them in spring. If unfortunately your tools are beyond help, then don't worry! We've plenty of brands to choose from here at the Garden Centre including Wilkinson Sword and Gardman. 

Other jobs:


  • Mulch hellebores with chipped bark to protect flowers from mud splashes
  • Sow sweet peas in compost in a cold frame
  • Sow summer bedding plants from seed in a heated propagator

Fruit & Veg:

  • Write a list of seeds you’d like to grow and stock up at the garden centre
  • Buy in seed potatoes and ‘chit’ them in egg boxes
  • Feed fruit trees, bushes and canes with sulphate of potash


  • Pinch out overwintered sweet pea seedlings at 10cm tall
  • Spray catches and runners with oil so they work smoothly
  • Sow tomatoes, aubergines and chillies in a heated propagator

Around the garden:

  • Melt ice on ponds by resting a saucepan of boiling water on the surface
  • Check tree stakes and ties are in good condition
  • Use bubblewrap to protect containers from frost damage


If you are a little overwhelmed by all that's to do, then why not take a look first at our three-point plan to lay everything out on the table and steadily take you into your gardening season.