Hydrangea: June's Plant of the Month

8 June 2018


Mr Pugh's plant of the month for June is our Hydrangea Macrophylla.

This is one of the most widely recognized species of hydrangeas and it boasts a plentiful number of cultivars.

The species is divided into two groups: the Hortensias (or "mopheads") have globe-shaped flowers made up of large male flowers, and the Lacecaps have flattened flower heads, with central, female blossoms ringed in larger, male blossoms.

It's most recognised characteristic is its large globes of flowers in rich colours. It's large and brightly coloured flowers make this plant a beautiful addition to every garden. It will retain this attractive colour the longest in a situation half in the shade where it gets some sun in the morning or evening. 

The flowering period for this plant is from July to September which makes them the perfect, bright, Summer addition to your garden!


Shrubs like hydrangeas flower on the previous year's growth and can be maintained by cutting back just to the first pair of buds beneath the old flower in spring. 

You can plant them in a tub, terrace or into your garden (To note: water the plant regularly if it is on a terrace, taking care not to wet the blossoms).

Pruning is not necessary but can be carried out immediately after blossoming if required.

Our Hydrangea plants come in a range of vivid colours and sizes!