Pugh's Plant of the Moment: Cacti & Succulents

9 February 2017


This plant group is extremely vast and diverse, from the very small and intricate to the striking and architectural. There is a cactus or succulent to suit everyone, whether young or old.

The common linking characteristic of cacti and succulents is the ability to store water in the leaves or stems enabling them to survive in arid habitats. This has made them a very popular plant in recent years where the demand for drought-resistant plants has risen due to the believed 52% of home owners who are now using houseplants to counter pollution and other environmental issues.

This year in particular however, Cacti, Succulents and other indoor plants have become a big trend. A lot of people are now interested in ‘wellness’ which is achieved by bringing greenery indoors, whether this be in the home or office*

*Indoor office plants have been said to create healthier and happier workers, produce lower healthcare costs and increase productivity.


You'll see our large range of beautiful cacti and succulents taking centre stage in our garden centre at the moment. Why not take one home to make a statement in your home?

How to care for cacti and succulents typically grown as houseplants:

  • The compost must be open and free draining, to help prevent waterlogging and recreate natural habitat. Cacti compost is readily available in our garden centre.
  • Most cacti and succulents can be placed on a sunny or bright window all year round.
  • During the winter it is beneficial for plants to have cool night temperatures of 8-10°C (46-50°F) as a minimum, for a period of rest.
  • Central heating is not usually a problem for these plants over the winter; just remember they need sufficient water to prevent them from shrivelling. 
  • From April onwards water cacti and succulents freely, allowing excess water to drain away
  • The compost should be allowed to dry out slightly between waterings, rather than keeping it constantly moist