Pugh's Pledge: The Winner's Story 2018

2 November 2018


Earlier this year throughout spring we ran our annual Pugh's Pledge Competition where we invited all of our customers to pledge to get into the Great Outdoors and achieve something green either on their own or with friends, family and loved ones too! 

As a thank you for entering, we sent everybody who made a pledge a 20% off voucher that they could put towards any tools, equipment or plants to help them bring their project to life.

We then asked everybody who made a pledge to send us a photograph to show us what they had achieved! Once we received these photographs, we then entered them in to a prize draw to win £250 worth of Pugh's vouchers! 

Fast-forward to now and after almost 200 pledges made and some wonderful projects achieved, we finally have our 2018 winners!

Meet the Godfrey family; Nerys and her three daughters Alys, Megan and Meleri who pledged to create magical fairy gardens! Read their story all about the inspiration behind their pledge and what they plan to do with their vouchers:

"Our main inspiration is the wonderful stories of fairies living at the bottom of my Mother’s Grandparents’ garden and my Grandmothers garden! These stories were then passed on to my children so we wanted to re-create those stories in our garden and hopefully encourage fairies and elves to come and live with us!!! The girls really enjoyed the task and their little imaginations ran wild. My Mother is thrilled that we won and even more so on hearing it’s because of her fairy experience in her Grandmothers garden that the girls were inspired to create fairy gardens!

We would love to buy a few things for the garden and something in particular in memory of my Grandparents (the girls’ Great Grandparents) - My children adored them and we miss them both very much. We were thinking of either a nice ornament or piece of furniture for the garden along with some lovely fairy garden accessories and shrubs!

They would also like to buy something special for my Mother for her garden!"