Pugh's Product of the Week: Nematodes

26 April 2018


Brand new in this week is something we've never had before...

Nematodes! This product is an essential part of your lawn care this season.

Do you always struggle with brown patches in your lawn? Did you know? Your lawn could be full of grubs that feed on grass roots (and organic matter in the soil), causing sections of grass in your lawn to die?

Nematodes provide a simple solution to these problems and gone are the days of needing to refrigerate Nematodes with these new products from Neudorff.

(image source: http://www.neudorff.co.uk/products/garden/nematodes.html) 

These provide safe, natural and effective plant protection for a green and healthy lawn without any damage! They're pet and child friendly and are packed in soluble sachets so no handling is necessary.

We have 3 Nematode products in stock to treat either:

Vine Weevil Larvae (£14.99)
Leather Jacket - European Crane larvae and ants gnat larvae (£19.99)
May Bug (£29.99)

These Nematodes are easy to use with simple Application:

  • Water the lawn
  • Place sachet into a watering can
  • Apply the nematodes mixture on the lawn
  • Keep the treated area moist for the next three days

This nematode treatment eliminates pests right down to the roots and the treated are can be entered immediately after application!

We currently have these on offer at half price in Wenvoe too!!

Our lawns are home to some of our best memories during spring and summer so make sure you are looking after yours.

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