Start Planting Indoors with Summer Flowering Bulbs

24 January 2019


If your green fingers are twitching and you're eager to get planting, then you'll be pleased to know that our Summer-Flowering Bulbs have arrived which you can start off indoors from as soon as February! 

Summer bulbs are the real divas of the garden, with huge look-at-me flowers in vivid colours and dramatic shapes. They’re perfect for adding flourish to colour combinations and a wow factor to your borders and beds.

If you don't have garden space then you can also grow summer bulbs to be used as cut flowers on display in your house! Or they can be grown into containers to be placed in pride of place on a terrace or balcony. 


Best of all, our summer bulb packets start from as little as £2.49 so you won't break the bank in getting a beautiful, floral display. 

Here's a few varieties we recommend especially:

BULB OF THE YEAR: Purple Heart Ranunculus - This Persian buttercup makes an excellent cut flower to display in your home. 

Gladioli: Tall, stately trumpets on elegant stems that make perfect cut flowers: try deep velvety purple ‘Zorro’ or rich pink ‘Plum Tart’.

Dahlias: In-vogue and in every colour you can think of. Choice varieties include scarlet ‘Bishop of Llandaff’, crimson cactus dahlia ‘Chat Noir’ and orange ‘David Howard’.

Delphinium, Foxglove & Lupin: The perfect trio for achieving a Cottage Garden look. 

Cannas: The huge banana-like foliage is almost as gorgeous as the neon-orange flowers; we love bronze-leaved ‘Wyoming’ and scarlet-flowered ‘Tropicanna Black’.

Lilies: Beautiful, scented trumpets unfurl above other plants and totally steal the show. ‘Casa Blanca’ is pure white, while ‘Stargazer’ is speckled with red.

Each bulb packet comes with growing instructions including soil requirements and planting times so even if you're a first time gardener, summer bulbs are easy-peasy! For any other advice, such as what equipment you'll need, be sure to ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff.