Radyr Village Directory

Maindenhead Aquatics

Boasts a well-stocked marine system with 35 tanks, 36 tanks of fancy goldfish, and 336 tropical fish tanks and every member of staff possesses both a keen interest and a wealth of experience in keeping fish.

Meridian Blinds & Curtains

As Wales' and the west's leading blind and curtain manufacturer, Meridian Blinds & Curtains offer an inspiringly extensive range of curtains, blinds, awnings and conservatory roof and window blinds. 

Mountain Warehouse

Quality products designed to protect you from the elements. Sourced from the same factories as well-known brands, we are able to bring you prices up to 50% lower than equivalent products!

Pavers Shoes

Pavers are a high-quality footwear chain offering a wide range of fashionable, everyday styles for men and women, plus bags. They pride themselves on comfortable shoes, offering both great value and astonishing comfort, stocking a wide variety of comfort brands.