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15th June @10am
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(RADYR) Vegetable Garden Workshop!

15 June 2019 at RADYR

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Join us for a Vegetable Garden Workshop in Pugh's Woodland Lodge in Radyr on Saturday 15th June!

These workshops are suitable for everyone with no previous gardening skills necessary! We simply want to help you take the plunge into growing your own fresh, tasty food at home and enjoy all the benefits of doing so.

In this group we will be helping you start your very own vegetable garden from scratch by planting 8 veg seeds into a propagator for you to take home. We will be planting: winter cabbage, broccoli, carrots, chicory, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale and leeks!

You will each receive one planting kit which includes all seeds, soil, pots and propagators you will need, plus some recipes to try once your seeds have grown! 

Everyone will also receive free refreshments as part of the workshop.