The Plant Area

Outside the main shop awaits an entire horticultural haven of plants, trees, shrubs, buds, and beyond. The carefully constructed area has been designed to take you on a journey that will ensure every aspect of your own garden is tended to.

The seasonal area will immerse you in inspiration no matter what time of year you visit: Summer provides a riot of colour thanks to the annuals and perennials that are in full bloom, while in autumn you will be greeted by a plethora of winter flowering pansies and heathers.

With regular deliveries throughout the week we are proud of our fully stocked benches and selection of the very best quality plants. Colin Pugh delivers our locally grown bedding plants on a daily basis direct from Pugh's Plant Nursery which have been nurtured from seed to bud by our nursery staff.

At Christmas, the canopied area is awash with potted trees, holly and wreaths that will provide all the festive cheer you could wish for, while the Nordman non-needle drop trees (which Pugh’s were credited with originally introducing to South Wales) have become a famous find.

As your journey progresses, the path leads you through shrubs, conifers, alpines, and perennials, and to the impressive potted area that boasts pots and planters from all over the globe that are guaranteed to make a statement.

The pathway eventually arrives at our famously stocked Architectural Plant area, which features mature plants that our skilled staff have hand picked from our Italian supplier. We can now offer a larger display of these mature plants at our Plant Nursery in Caerphilly. With an appointment only system you will be able to choose from the very best selection of large architectural plants.

Also located within our plant area is 'The Compost Heap' offering a wide range of composts, manures and soil to help nurture your plants.

With so much choice, you may be unsure where to start, but fear not, as you can visit us in our plant information office, where we’ll be more than happy to help you, on a pathway to your ideal garden.

Delivery Service

Found the perfect plant but can’t get it home? Pugh’s offer a delivery service that will ensure your new buys will arrive safely at your door — it’s as simple as that!