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Thurs 31st May @10am
Thurs 31st May @11am
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Thurs 31st May @2pm
Thurs 31st May @3pm
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National Children's Gardening Week 'Sprouting House' Workshop

31 May 2018 at RADYR


Come and celebrate National Children's Gardening Week with a visit to our Woodland Lodge for some hands-on gardening activities.

Build your own magical sprouting house that will grow it's own edible green walls! 

Tickets are £6 per child, with no adult ticket required.

Sessions running Thursday 31st May, 10:00am-3pm.

We recommend this workshop for little green fingers aged 4 and over only due to the materials used in the workshop . The woodland lodge can only accommodate a certain number of children and parents; therefore, when possible please can only one adult attend per child and if you have a buggy with a little sibling in, can the buggy please be parked outside of the lodge (of course we wouldn't expect you to leave the baby there too).

We appreciate some may be asleep in car seats so these can absolutely be carried inside. As much as we'd love to accommodate mum, dad, nan, grandad, aunties and uncles inside, we really have to consider health and safety first as well as any potential trip hazards and allow adequate space for little ones to thoroughly enjoy the workshop you have paid money for. 

More Health and Safety Bits...

To the Pugh Family, health and safety is top priority. 
To keep little hands clean we have hot running water and soap facilities in the Woodland Lodge as well as hygiene wipes and sanitiser available. The nearest toilet facilities however are located in Watering Can Coffee Shop so we strongly advise a visit here prior to the workshop to avoid having to miss out on any time during the activities. 
When bringing little ones along to the woodland lodge workshops please ensure whilst on route there and back they don't run or climb on trolleys, plants, plant stands, pots or play with any of the products on display, we would hate for there to be any accidents. Keep a careful eye at all times, for their own safety.
And finally, have a great time. Getting hands-on and being one with nature is the ultimate health benefit. We want to create memories that will remain will little ones forever so if you have any feedback please let us know as we aim to offer the best experience we can.