Top products for tasty tomatoes!


Soup, pasta sauce, ketchup, chutney, bruschetta, curry ... tomato is a key flavour in many, many recipes.

This year, why don't you grow your own and taste the difference? We can help you get the best crop of home grown tomatoes here in Pugh's - from seed to young plants, grafted plants in growbags, to your greenhouses or just in your flower beds.

Here are our top 3 products you need to get a great crop:

1. Why, a tomato plant of course!

We have a delicious range specially selected for flavour, lovingly home grown by Colin Pugh in our nurseries in Caerphilly. You can guarantee masses of fruit if grown under glass or outside in a warm sunny spot and they are suitable to grow in a good quality compost or well-drained soil.

2. The Grow Pot

These are ideal for growing tomatoes and selected vegetables as they provide easy planting, watering and feeding. They are made from up to 85% recycled material and you can get a set of three for just £10.99.

3. Gro-Sure Tomato Planter
This Extra large bag is enriched with tomato feed. For just £4.99 per bag, this will ensure 6 weeks feed for healthy, bountiful crops.

We recommend hardening off pots of tomatoes for about a week before planting outside and making sure any risk of frost has passed before transplanting to soil outside

Make sure that you also stock up with Tomato plant food and have a good way of watering them when the warmer weather comes to allow those delicious red tomatoes to ripen.

If you have any queries on growing your tomatoes then speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff on your next visit!