• Continue to protect your tender plants: Insulate them with straw, bracken, horticultural fleece, bubblewrap etc and move what plants you can into the Greenhouse or under shelter.
  • If you have any stone fountains or water features, it is best to drain them to avoid potential damage from freezing conditions.
  • If graced by a mild day, it is still ok to plant some flowers: We reccommend later flowering spring bulbs such as lilies and tulips and also winter/spring bedding plants such as pansies and primulas.
  • Ensure that the heating system in your Greenhouse is working efficiently to prepare for winter temperatures.
  • Winter can be a difficult time for birds so it is nice to make sure that their water and food supplies are topped up.
  • To prevent waterlogging, raise your plant containers onto pot feet.
  • Prune back roses to avoid damage from wind-rock.
  • Protect any newly-planted fruit trees from female winter moths by tying grease bonds around the trunks.
  • Finish planting bare-rooted shrubs and trees.