Potting Shed Blog

25 March 2019

Seed Sowing Simplified

Growing plants from seed can be great fun, but if you’ve never done it before it’s hard to know where to start. How do you know which seeds to plant when, and how to plant them? And what do all those strange terms on the back of seed packets mean? Here’s a quick guide to the language of seed growing, plus a few suggestions for seeds that you can plant now.

20 February 2019

Top 7 Houseplants for in the Bathroom

Many houseplants need humidity in order to survive so your bathroom can be the ideal place for some. It’s especially good if your house is dry as some plants that struggle in other rooms of the house will enjoy the steam from your bathroom. From large pots with big foliage to smaller pots on shelves and hanging plants, take your pick from these top 7 houseplants for your bathroom!

5 January 2019

Caring For Your Houseplants Over Winter

Once our Christmas Trees are down, we can always count on our houseplants to step in and fill the empty space. Be sure to keep your houseplants happy this winter with our top tips...