Bee Friendly to Nature's Little Helpers!

30 April 2019


Here at Pugh's we want to encourage all of our customers to save our honey bees! 

Here is an overview of some products which can help you become bee friendly!

1. Bee Hospitable:
Make your garden a relaxing haven for our busy workers by providing a bee home in your garden! We have a few different styles to choose from...


2. Scatter Scrumptious Seeds!
Keep our friends buzz-y with plenty of flowers to visit. We've got a wide range of Thompson & Morgan Wildflowers which are great at attracting honey bees, birds and all kinds of beneficial insects into your garden, as well as helping small animals with a source of food or shelter! The varieties in this collection are not only selected for the useful nectar, but also for their fragrant and aromatic properties. 
Flowering Period: Flowering in summer from a spring sowing, or the following spring from an autumn sowing
Sowing Months: Mid March to June or September to November - the ideal time being autumn.

3. Favour Friendly Flowers!
Plant bee friendly flowers in your gardens such as Lavender and Daisies, which we have here in Pugh's! We've got a few different varieties of lavender, including some grown in the UK, starting from just £9.49.

4. Bee educated:
Learn all you can about nature's little helpers so that you're fully equipped to bee a hero! We have a range of gardening books available from the garden centre, in particular these two which have useful information about bees!

5. Stick to Local Honey:
Local bee keepers tend to be much more concerned with the health of their bees rather than making profits, unlike the larger honey retail companies. We recommend only eating local honey, which is available from our Food Hall! We have honey from Tonyrefrail Apiary, Lisvane Honey Farm and Hafod Honey, from £4.50.

6. Bee giving:
You can always support bee charities like the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. We've got a range of products from Walton Lifestyle available in our gift area which are in partnership with the Trust. When you purchase one of their products, you are helping to fund their valuable work! Look out for the sticker on products in store.


See all of these products and more throughout Pugh's Garden Village!