How to make your Garden more Hedgehog Friendly

8 February 2018


It's important to take a moment now and again to spare a thought for our Wildlife, as a lot of the time they rely on us to help them.

A few years ago, a survey conducted by the RSPB showed that just one in four of us come across hedgehogs regularly in our gardens - a drop of three percent on the previous year.

The most recent report published this year has stated that Britain has now lost half of its hedgehogs in less than two decades.

If you're wildlife conscious and want to do your bit to help, here are our top suggestions of how you can make your garden a safe haven for Hedgehogs: 

- Make holes in the bottoms of walls and fences so they can roam easily

- Provide a shallow dish or container of water at ground level

- Put out a Hedgehog home - some ready made Hedgehog boxes are available from Pugh's

- Leave a corner of the garden wild

- Put ramps in ponds so hedgehogs can climb out

- Provide food - you'll be able to find some Tom Chambers hungry hedgehog feed here at the garden centre

- Before lighting bonfires check whether there’s a hedgehog hibernating inside

- Watch out for hedgehogs when strimming long grass

You can always ask our friendly staff for advice on how to make changes to your garden for the sake of wildlife, whatever your outside space!