24 May 2018

Jobs of the Week! Maintaining your Plants

After enjoying an extended period of sunny, warm weather, our gardens were sure to have burst into action! Now it's time to take the important steps needed to maintain your plants to ensure you get to enjoy their blooms for months to come.

10 May 2018

5 Plants for Summer Colour

We can always count on our gardens to brighten our day. Especially when they showcase some truly stunning blooms in rainbows of colour. Here's our five top plants to guarantee colour throughout the summer months plus some planting and after-care tips...

3 May 2018

National Gardening Week Jobs

It's National Gardening Week and with the sun shining finally, it's time to get out to enjoy the great outdoors with some gardening tasks! See our photo-guide here.

27 April 2018

How To Make Your Own Mini Herb Garden

There are so many benefits of growing your own, from the sense of achievement right down to (most importantly) the taste! Why not give it a go yourself with this easy step-by-step 'mini herb garden' for indoors or outdoors?!