4 September 2019

Autumn Lawn Care: Top Products to Revive Your Lawn!

Summer is a busy time for your lawns whilst they act as a pitch, picnic spot and playground. Now is the perfect time for lawn treatments to work as they have the time to take effect before temperatures fall in Autumn and growth stops.

3 September 2019

Gardening Jobs for September

With the rich colours of autumn starting to glow, September is an especially lovely month for gardens. While the warm weather lasts, it’s time to gather in the harvest and start preparing the garden for the colder months ahead, as well as planning for the joys of another spring.

pughs_radyr_summer_fruit_trees_planting_time_to_plant_main.JPG (1)
23 August 2019

New Season Planting: Fruit Trees Have Arrived!

It's time to plant again! If you want to enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally), then now is the time to plant fruit trees! Both of our outdoor areas are positively blooming with our vast range of Fruit Trees including apples, pears, plums, cherries and more. Read on for some top tips!

8 August 2019

Houseplant of the month: Carnivorous plants

They look like they come out of a fairy tale, with their odd shapes and dazzling mix of colours. Yet, carnivorous plants ensure that insects do not live happily ever after. Find out more about these beautiful but relentless houseplants.