8 March 2019

Pugh's Garden Furniture!

You work hard to get your garden season ready and so your perfectly pruned plot deserves some high-quality furniture to really set it off. 

7 March 2019

Our Chosen Charity for 2019 Revealed!

We are thrilled to announce that throughout this year, and in particular during our 2019 Christmas experience, we will be helping to support Cancer Research Wales. Find out why we've chosen them as our charity here...

1 March 2019

March Gardening To Do List!

In March, you can practically feel life flooding back into the garden. Spring bulbs are flowering and buds are appearing on branches. It’s a glorious time to be out of doors, watching the new gardening year begin again, and here are a few jobs for you to be getting on with this month.

25 February 2019

Restore Your Lawn for Spring!

We all love the look of a lush green lawn, but keeping it that way can be a headache. Follow our steps to help restore your lawn in time for spring so you can enjoy picnics, parties and family fun on a lawn you can be proud of!