Autumn Lawn Care: Top Products to Revive Your Lawn!

4 September 2019


Summer is a busy time for your lawns whilst they act as a pitch, picnic spot and playground.

Especially after this year’s drought, our lawns may be looking a bit worse for wear so we've put together our top products for reviving your lawns as well some top care tips to complete the job!

Now is the perfect time for lawn treatments to work as they have the time to take effect before temperatures fall in Autumn and growth stops.

Below we’ve listed some of our top products for seeing that your patch of green is revitalised!

Nematodes – This product is an essential part of your lawn care this season – it tackles those grubs that feed on grass roots and organic matter in the soil which causes our lawns to die. This nematode treatment is simply watered onto your grass and then gets to work eliminating pests right down to the roots and the treated are can be entered immediately after application! Better still they are pet and child friendly!

Phostrogen All Purpose Plant Food - Although this is an all-purpose plant food it is also ideal for use on lawns! This provides the perfect balance of nutrients to replace those that are naturally lost through time.

Westland ‘After Cut’ All in one Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer - Offering a complete lawn care treatment in one, it nourishes and conditions grass while tackling unwanted weeds and moss for a greener, healthier lawn.

Neudorff Organic Clean Lawn - This is an organic 3 in 1 lawn feed for a thicker, greener, drought-resistant lawn which is natural, safe and effective. This product is pet and child friendly.

There's plenty of other lawn care products to find in Pugh's! If we haven't mentioned the one you're looking for, chances are we have it tucked away in our shelves!


Once you’ve treated your lawn – which we recommend doing when the lawn is cut short so that you can reach the thatch easily – follow these care tips and it'll bounce back better than ever!