Create an Urban Jungle with Houseplants

29 January 2019


Houseplants are completely on trend right now so we've created a brand new display which can help you achieve the 'Urban Jungle' look in your home!

Come and browse our top pick of house plants plus a range of stylish pots and all the after-care products you could possibly need! Right our range includes Yucca, Kentia Palms, Dracaena, Calathea and Swiss Cheese Plants to name a few.



The benefits of Houseplants:

Not only are houseplants aesthetically pleasing and a great way to soften interiors but they are unbelievably good for us to have around. Many houseplants even remove large amounts of common toxins from the air around us and can even help combat colds! 💚 

   Houseplants can help to remove Benzene from the air which is found in paint and cleaning products, also Trichloroethylene which is found in solvents and refrigeration. Placing Sansevieria plants in your bedroom is a great idea as they are one of the few plants that continue to convert CO2 to oxygen at night time. There are numerous other benefits to having a house full of plants so enjoy them and take your pick!

Houseplant After-care: Be sure to find your perfect pot whilst you're here and all you'll need to keep your plants happy and healthy like drip feeders, leaf wipes and sprays from £1.99! Most of the plants pictured here are low maintenance and easy to care for but in case you're a first time plant parent, we've published a blog post with some top tips about how to care for your beloved plants throughout the winter.

   Come in and browse our huge new display and take home your next plant child! (All photographs taken in Pugh's Garden Village Radyr however Houseplants also available in Pugh's Garden Village Wenvoe)