Get your garden suited and booted for Autumn!

4 October 2017


Wonderfully vibrant changes in colour, falling leaves, crisp air and glorious sunshine. This can only mean one thing, autumn has arrived! With a new season upon us it's time to get your garden suited and booted accordingly.

First of all, after a summer acting as a pitch, picnic spot and playground, your lawn can look a little worse for wear. Once the family retreats indoors this season, you can get to work to send your patch of green into winter revitalised. Follow our five point autumn lawn care plan and it'll bounce back better than ever!

With the wonderful colours associated with autumn, we recommend to adapt your garden accordingly. For beautiful colour in tubs and borders throughout the winter, we recommend bedding plants such as Pansies and Violas which can be planted now in the autumn. These hardy little flowers will brighten up the most miserable of winter days but although they are tough, remember that they require plenty of water and plant food.

Dead heading existing plants will also encourage new buds to flourish, but make sure you cut back towards the end of the season to protect them throughout the chilly days. Don't throw those dead heads away, after the raking up of leaves and cutting the grass for the last time why not make your own compost? Purchase a compost barrel along with an activator such as Garrotta which helps break down the organic material.

With hardy late perennials such as Miscanthus, which have foliage that colours brightly in autumn, whilst at the same time their fluffy seed heads are approaching their peak. Other grasses offer beautifully architectural focal points and keep great form throughout Winter. They are extremely easy to maintain, simply cut them back in February and leave them alone to regrow then later in the year.

Hardy shrubs such as Witch Hazel highlight the change in seasons with their colour. They can grow very large so if you’re looking for a feature, they're perfect. The Cornus or 'Winter Flame' shrub as it's more commonly known, offers stunning orange and red stems once the leaves fall throughout autumn and winter.

An Acer is beautifully ornamental with rich red foliage that is perfect for a pot or balcony, these need to be planted in a good peat compost.  Another in keeping plant is the ornamental kale, the colour intensifies when the temperature drops. Cyclamen also offers an intense bright red foliage. Click here for more suggestions on plants for Autumn Containers.

In the potting shed...

Before you store your lawn mower at the back of the shed, it is worth sending it for a service to ensure that it is in perfect condition when you need it next spring. Shears and secateurs need sharpening - you can do this yourself or send them away if you prefer. Spades, forks and other tools will benefit from a good wash. Dry them thoroughly and oil the metal parts to prevent rust. Wooden handles can be cleaned and protected with linseed oil.

For any further gardening advice, remember that the Pugh's team are always at hand in-store, on Facebook and on our Live Chat feature.