How To Make Your Own Mini Herb Garden

27 April 2018


There are so many benefits of growing your own, from the sense of achievement right down to (most importantly) the taste! In fact, we've taken the time to list our top 'Eight Great Reasons to Grow Your Own' which you can read here!

Now that you're convinced, if you weren't already, then why not give it a go yourself with this easy to do 'mini herb garden' for indoors or outdoors?!

Here's what you'll need:

- Container of your choice: we used a trough (£4.99) - selection of garden ready young herb plants (£1.99 each) - multi-purpose compost, or organic/peat free - selection of pebbles/gravel/crocks - 

TOP TIP: When choosing your herbs, be aware that Mint is an invasive herb so should only be planted on its own. Also be aware of which herbs are soft and hardy as to be sure which will last in winter or not

What you'll need to do:


- These plants are Mediterranean so will require a sunny position either outside or on a sunny windowsill

- Feed fortnightly with liquid feed and water depending on the weather or if the soil feels dry

- Most importantly, cut and use your herbs regularly as they grow to encourage more! and enjoy!