Ideas to celebrate National Gardening Week 2019!

26 April 2019


National Gardening Week this year is from 29th April to 5th May and it is the nation’s biggest celebration of gardening. This great week is to encourage everyone to share the love and enjoyment of growing home-grown produce in the garden or down the allotment. The Royal Horticultural Society has set the theme as Edible Britain and will be celebrating all things grow your own throughout the week. But what can you do to help spread the word about the benefits of growing your own?

Grow your own for National Gardening Week

As the theme for this year is 'Edible Britain', the RHS are aiming to show that everyone can grow their own in any size space, so firstly its time to get growing your own food! If you have a balcony, patio or garden, maybe even an allotment - there are so many ways to grow your own. From containers to hanging baskets to vertical wall solutions and stack-able pots, there will be something suitable for your space. If you are just getting started you could try growing cut and come again salad leaves, tomatoes, chillies and radishes. Why not try herbs on a windowsill or potatoes in a grow bag? Follow the link below for our tips on:

Vertical gardening using crates

How to plant potatoes

How to grow tomatoes in a pot

How to make your own mini herb garden! 

How to plant fruit trees

Grow your own pizza garden

Simplifying seed sowing!

During National Gardening Week why not open your garden for viewing?

One of the very many wonderful things about gardening is sharing knowledge, helping others and enjoying plants in open gardens. So why not open your garden or allotment to the public, or just to family and friends? If you would like to open your garden for National Gardening Week, you can register your details on the RHS website who will publicise the opening for you as well. It can be scary allowing the public in, but it can also be rewarding and not only will you get to meet new people but also learn lots as well.

National Gardening Week: growing home-grown produce

Spread the love! Share your homegrown produce with others!

Once you've successfully grown some of your own homegrown harvests, why not share some with your family or friends to show them what they could achieve and enjoy if they gave growing their own a go!? As the focus during National Gardening Week is edible, choose edible plants and flowers that people can grow at home themselves. You could also bake some cakes made from homegrown ingredients such as beetroot cake or carrot cake to really showcase what tasty food we can make when we grow it ourselves! National Gardening Week is all about helping to show people just what can be achieved from growing your own food and how to use harvests in the best way, so be sure to spread the love once you've achieved it yourself!

To help you join in National Gardening Week we have plenty of edible plants and accessories for you to set up your own celebration. Come along to see us!