New Season Planting: Fruit Trees Have Arrived!

23 August 2019

pughs_radyr_summer_fruit_trees_planting_time_to_plant_main.JPG (1)

It's time to plant again! 

In both garden centres our outdoor areas are positively blooming with our vast range of Fruit Trees including pears, over 10 varieties of apples, plums, cherries, walnuts, mulberries, gage and damsons. 

Now is the perfect time to plant so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour (literally) next season.

Pugh's top planting tip for fruit trees:
Avoid waterlogged soil - If you don't have any suitable ground, you'll be glad to know that we sell patio apple trees which are suitable for planting in containers. We also have different sizes of root stock to suit the size of your garden.

Can't fit a tree in your car? Not a problem - we can deliver your tree to you! Speak with one of our shrubs team when you visit for more info 

See the photos below for a sneak peek at our range in







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