Sow The Early Seed: Best Veg to Sow Now

20 February 2018


Did you know there are some star-performer seeds that can be sown right now, yes, now in winter! Sowing seeds indoors is a great way of starting off tender plants earlier in the season to allow them plenty of time to grow and bulk up before being planted in the garden or vegetable plot once the weather warms up.

Sow now in either a heated greenhouse, or on a windowsill with enough space and light in the home and then plant outside later in the season once the risk of frost has passed.

We recommend starting off your vegetables indoors as they will in fact benefit from the longer growing season this method provides and will ensure a decent-sized crop.

Here are our recommendations of the sturdiest veg to sow now:

Why not be creative and try growing different coloured varieties and eat the rainbow!? 🌈 There are certainly potential health benefits to eating different colours of plant tissue. The various ‘Phytonutrients’ contained in different plant tissues protect us from different health problems, so that the more colours you eat the more protection we may have! (as part of a balanced diet).
The other benefits are that colourful food looks great and can taste rather good too! 🍆🥕🥦🌶️
Here are some rainbow veggies you could try:
  • Purple carrots
  • Orange tomatoes
  • Purple and red onions
  • Red lettuce
  • Pink and blue potatoes
  • Peppers in various colours
  • Purple peas
  • Beetroot in various colours (good for lowering blood pressure)

Annual bedding plants, such as sweet peas, marigolds and sunflowers can also be started off indoors to create spectacular flower displays for the summer. We also recommend sowing ornamental grass seeds now as they can be planted out when temperatures rise and are great for filling gaps in borders!