Pugh's Pledge

Make your Pugh's Pledge today for the chance to win £250 towards your dream garden!

What is Pugh’s Pledge?
It all starts with a promise… We want you to make a pledge to do something in the great outdoors! Our aim is to get you out of the house, breathing in the fresh air and physically doing something away from the ties of our tv/phone screens and the indoors. We want to offer you the chance to feel that sense of achievement and be at one with nature.

What do I need to do?
It's simple...
1. Make your Pugh’s Pledge either in store or by following the link on this page.
2. You will receive an email from us containing a 20% off voucher tailored to the products you require to help you carry out your pledge! This email will appear within 5 working days (it won't be instant).
3. Get doing! Carry out your Pugh’s Pledge and take a photograph as evidence.
4. Share your photograph to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #pughspledge to be automatically entered into the prize draw for the £250!

What should my Pugh’s Pledge be?
Find something that suits you and your family...here's a couple of examples to point you in the right direction..
- Replace the dead plants in the pot outside (we all know it’s there)
- Create a wildlife friendly area in your garden like a bug hotel!
- Brighten up your porch with a hanging basket
- Plant a herb garden with the children
- Paint the shed

Click on the picture below to make your pledge now and see it through, not for us but for you...


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