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27 November 2019

Looking after wildlife in winter: Birds

Winter is a tough time for birds. There’s less food available, and they use up a lot of energy in keeping themselves warm. Every little thing we can do to help birds in winter will make a difference to their survival, so here are a few things you can do this winter to take care of the birds in your garden.

7 November 2019

How To Keep Garden Wildlife Happy Through Autumn and Winter

Putting out food and providing safe hibernating spots in the garden provides a lifeline for creatures like hedgehogs, ground beetles and frogs – they’ll reward your efforts by providing a built-in pest control service next year, as they eat vast numbers of slug and snail eggs plus aphids and other nasties.

1 November 2019

How to clean up your greenhouse?

It is time to clean up your greenhouse after a year of growing your tomatoes, cucumbers and much more. At this time of year, most plants will be finished fruiting and it is time to give your greenhouse a good cleanout. This will make sure that you keep it in good condition and also limit any pests and diseases from overwintering in your greenhouse over the colder months. Here is our guide to cleaning up your greenhouse.