12 June 2019

5 x great ideas for Father's Day

Father’s day is a day of special celebration. All Fathers around the UK are told to put their feet up and enjoy being treated. From breakfast in bed to a lazy day on the sofa or perhaps a delicious lunch out with family. We have some great gift ideas so you can let your Father know he is a special person and loved lots!

6 June 2019

What to do in your Garden in June!

June is a gorgeous month to be out in the garden. With the days at their longest, flowers are blooming everywhere you look, and it’s time to enjoy the first delicious taste of your own home-grown fruit and vegetables. To help you make the most of your garden, here’s our list of the top gardening jobs for June.

22 May 2019

6 Plants for Shady Spaces

Most gardens have shady spaces that can seem hard to fill with lovely, attractive plants but some of the most beautiful garden plants can grow perfectly well in a shady space and even thrive for many years! These top 6 plants for a shady space are well worth trying to grow in your garden...

21 May 2019

Enjoy National Children's Gardening Week

From 25th May, to 2nd June National Children’s Gardening Week is a week full of encouraging children to enjoy gardening and plants! Gardening can help children learn new skills, understand where food comes from and the importance of wildlife. So what can you enjoy in the garden with your children during National Children’s Gardening Week?