6 January 2020

January Big Plant Sale!

We've got up to 70% off a range of selected plants which have been sourced from our very own plant nursery in Caerphilly. Provided your soil isn’t frozen or waterlogged, you can plant shrubs, trees and hedging now while the plants are dormant, giving the roots time to settle in before spring.

6 January 2020

15 garden tips for January

January’s here, the shortest day is behind us and it’s the start of another great gardening year! We know it can feel quite daunting getting started again, so to help you on your way to getting your garden into shape ready for spring, we’ve put together our top 15 gardening tips for January...

2 January 2020

How to Recycle or Reuse your Christmas Tree

There are lots of ways you can put your Christmas tree to good use, so don't despair after the decorations are down! Read our news post for our top tips for recycling, reusing and re purposing your trees...